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Size, Components and Phasing

A total amount of $46 billion was committed by China in 2015, for investment and financing of the CPEC programme over a period of 15 years. The portfolio consists of 43 projects of which 22 are under implementation. Additions and deletions have taken place since then, hence, it is desirable to stick to this committed amount.

Energy US$34 billion; Infrastructure US$11 billion; Gwadar US$0.8 billion; and Industrial Zones are the four major components of the program. Since, the studies for these Zones are still under preparation and discussion.It may be seen that except for Gwadar Free Zone, no allocations have been made for Industrial Zones.

The time span of the programme is as follows: Early Harvest Projects – up to 2019; Short-term Projects – up to 2022; Medium-term Projects – up to 2025; and Long-term Projects – 2030 and beyond.

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